I deliver contemporary images using natural backgrounds wherever possible. I have a comprehensive range of camera and lighting equipment allowing me to cover a range of photographic disciplines. I have extensive third party insurance cover and I am CRB checked.

I prefer to do individual portraits in a natural setting. There is something special about every subject and I strive to capture that natural look that gives the viewer a hint of the real you.

I have photographed many subjects and I am happy to look at the work you require doing. Examples of work completed in this category includes promo shots for bands, gig shots for bands, product photography, sports events, interior and exterior architectural images, newsletter/website images, group portraits and individual portraits.

Prints are available of selected event images. Click here to buy prints of events I have covered. My print pricing is very competitive. I really want you to be able to get the fullest selection of a high quality product and not feel inhibited by price.

Prints are available of selected images that are displayed on this site. Contact the photographer for further information.

For editorial use or if you require a print type or size that is not listed please contact me.

Price Guide
It is difficult to be specific about pricing without properly looking at the requirements of a commission. However,for the purposes of the price guide you should always budget for using a minimum of half a day of the photographers time. A job that may seem simple or small can be considerably more involved from the photographers perspective.

For a relatively simple local shoot you should allow one hour of preparation and travel. For each hour of photography you should allow at least one hour of post processing.

The standard day rate for the photographer (excluding expenses) is £385.00. The half day rate is £205.00 (excluding expenses).

For charity organisations there is a discount of 10% from the standard rates. Sports clubs, associations and leagues may also use the discounted rates.

All time used for a commission is charged as part of the day rate. This includes travelling time, preparation time etc. The minimum charge for a commission is a half day.

The rates shown above do not include charges that may be made by assistants, make up artists or other specialist services you may require.

A milage rate of 45 pence per vehicle per mile is charged for all vehicular travel associated with the commission which is not otherwise covered within the expenses charged.

Prints, photobooks etc. are charged at the photographers standard rates.

For personal use (non-commercial) DVD's can be prepared of selected images for display and/or print use. DVD's are priced at £2.85 per image used in the DVD with a minimum charge of £85.00 for the first DVD. Further copies of the DVD are charged at £35.00 per DVD.

Image Usage

For individual use and personal use commissions there will are no usage fees associated with the photography.

For business/commercial usage the images created may be subject to a usage fee. The usage fee varies in accordance with the time period of usage, the media used to display the image, the geographical areas of usage and the size of image used. Please discuss your requirements with the photographer.

For certain uses you may require model or property releases before the images can be used. Where the photographer has these releases he will make them available however the obtaining of all releases is the clients responsibility unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Please note that all images created remain copyright of the photographer. The photographer reserves the right (unless otherwise agreed) to use the images created as part of a portfolio of the photographers work and display the images in any media (electronic or print) as part of a porfolio of work and as examples of the photographers work.