Whatever the event it can be covered. I have a full range of sports and event photographic equipment which can be quickly configured to cover most event types. The systems used are modular and allow us to offer coverage over a wide range of disciplines. This includes formal black tie events, celebrity events, social events, promotional events and specialised events (green screen or other requirements). We have covered events that have required a 1000 photographs with prints to be produced per day. We have also covered celebrity events were we have had less than two hours to photograph and print images for 200 plus attendees with two celebrities.

Equipment used includes specialist cameras, lenses and lab quality printers. I use a wireless system which allows me to photograph an event whilst an assistant prepares the images for display and print.

Photography is not just about having the right equipment for the job. Experience and a good understanding of the order of events are key to capturing quality images. Events and sports demand a lot of a photographer. The ability to perform under pressure and respond to rapid changes of scene only come with the experience gained by photographing these events regularily and in all conditions.

When booking 8by10 please ensure you have read our terms and conditions as you will be asked to indicate your agreement to these terms.

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