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The full collection of images currently available for sale can be viewed by clicking on the following link

Print Prices - Sports and Events
The prices of prints are kept as low as I can for these events. As with most things, it is a balance between price and quality. I really do not wish to compromise the quality of the prints or the service so have chosen one of the UK's leading digital printers for print fulfillment as well as purchasing a range of professional lab quality priners. I have recently reviewed the prices of prints for events/sports and I think you will find that the prices are very competetive.

When you buy a photograph from the website you are paying for a licence from the photographer to use that photograph for your own enjoyment or as a special gift. Photo sales are typically the photographers sole source of income for these events so it is a payment both for capturing the moment for you and providing you with a high quality professional image.

Digital Copies - Personal use
Digital copies of images are available. These are intended for sale solely to the image participants. You need to be aware of the restrictions that apply for the intended use of the images. There are a number of reasons for these restrictions. The primary ones are that the images are not model released or property released so cannot be used for advertising or other commercial uses (commercial tee shirt printing etc.) nor can they be resold or used by the news media (I have a different pricing structure for news media). For private use of digital copies the restrictions for use are basically the same as prints ie. personal use only. This being the case I find that most people don't require a high resolution digital copy as the intended use is usually to email an image to friends or to put on their personal website or blog.

The images displayed on the web site have been sized and compressed to ensure good speed of display on the site. These images are not suitable for printing as they have been heavily compressed to reduce their size. High quality low compression digital downloads are available for purchase sized at 500 or 1200 pixels (maximum, length or width). The following images illustrate the size of images sized at 300 pixels and 500 pixels.

Max length or width 300 pixels. Length and width are usually different due to the aspect ratio of the image. A nice size for blogs etc.

Max length or width 500 pixels. Length and width are usually different due to the aspect ratio of the image. A nice size for web site use or email.

The images above are sized with a maximum height of 300 or 500 pixels. This should give you a good idea of the size of the images available for digital download.

Please remember that it is not intended that you make prints from the smaller images you download. These images are sized and compressed for electronic display and are not of sufficient resolution to achieve a good quality of print. If you require prints please purchase these from the photographer. Images sized with a maximum side size of 1200 pixels will usually print very well at 6"x4" sizes.

A number of images are shown as square crops (the image is square). If you order a non-square print we will go back to the original uncropped image and crop to suit the size of print you have ordered. Generally I will have cropped to ensure the emphasis of the image is on the chosen subject. The uncropped version will usually include a little more background.

Some images will not crop well to a chosen print size. There are a number of reasons for this and unless I review the print options for each and every image rather than having a general print options page then some images will be ordered which are difficult to print at the size ordered without significantly compromising the image. If I have a very similar image which will print better in the size chosen I will substitute this image. I will inform you when I have had to do this.

Comparison of Glossy and Non Glossy Photo Papers
Which finish should you choose?

Glossy photo prints have a shiny finish while non glossy (matte) prints have a duller neutral look. A lustre print has a finish which is slightly glossy. There are advantages and disadvantages to each finish.

Glossy Paper
+ shiny look
+ vibrant rich colours
+ can appear sharper than matte prints
+ the standard finish we are now used to seeing for smaller prints (eg. 6"x4")
- reflections can make viewing difficult
- can be hard to view under strong light sources
- fingerprints and dirt can be a problem
+ works very well for framed colour prints under glass

Lustre Paper
+ slightly shiny look
+ reflects less light than gloss but more than matte
+ vibrant rich colours
+ can appear sharper than matte prints
+ the standard finish we are now used to seeing for very large prints

Non-Glossy (Matte) Paper
+ does not reflect light
+ black and white prints may look better with this finish
+ easy to view under all light conditions
+ does not attract fingerprints or dirt
- colours are may be slightly duller looking
- photo paper feels like a thicker ordinary paper

If you are putting the prints under glass then I recommend the matte finish for black and white images and the lustre or glossy finish for colour images.

Many photos are now printed on glossy or semi-glossy photo paper. Generally, people prefer the look of glossy, and feel that pictures appear sharper.

Editorial Usage
For editorial use/pricing please contact me. If you require a full uncropped version of the original please contact me.